Thursday, October 29, 2015

Slouchy Hats

Hand Crocheted Slouchy Hats
$12.00 each/USD (USA orders only please)
Shipping $6.25

To order:  click on the "contact us" form to email us your questions or order inquiry.

Note:  All hats will fit tight at first, but the yarn stretches after each wear.  Machine wash cold, on gentle and hang dry if possible.

Note:  These hats are unisex

 This one is a "warm" color with a hint of mustard yellow in it.  It's somewhat between off-white and a very light mustard
Available - 1 SOLD OUT

 Close to a burgundy color. Sold out, but I'm in the process of restocking this color

This hat is more of a blue-green, it's tough to catch the exact color in the photo - SOLD

This is a blue that is just shy of a "royal" blue color. - SOLD

This one has a bit of the orange spectrum in it.
Available - 1

Available - 1

Available - 1

Light Blue
Available - 1

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